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Our Work

Our Society's main Vision is to Think, Learn and Apply. As stated by Nelson Mandela "Education is the most Powerful Wepon we can use to change the Word". Our team is Working in the field of Information and Technology and Promoting technical education. We are providing free Computer Training and Industrial training to financial poor students as well as needy students. Promoting Literacy in Rural areas as well as Urban for SC, ST and Other backword classes. "A man without Education is like a Building without Foundation". Nowdays Computer literacy is must and we emphasizing students to learn different technologies. Which help them to be employed and build then carrer.

Making them aware of latest trends in technology. We conduct Workshop and Seminars for the welfare of Society in our training center. It is a Education hub for needy students under a single roof. We had recently conduct a "Free Computer Training Camp" at our institute for 15 days. Where several students get benefited. We also had a E-Learning tutorial website for Programming language

It is extremely important for you to know what we do with the help of donors; Donors, who are people like you, or are leading organizations or International bodies, all come together to help us do what we do.

We call upon you to go through all the pages in this ‘OUR WORK’ section, particularly the ‘Our Projects’ category. We have captured significant details of some of the key programmes we are implementing in different parts of India. By going through these pages, you will get a clear know how of the work we are doing to change the lives of India’s children.

Our breakthrough programmes are tailored to address the most pressing needs of children and their communities. Our programmes comply with all norms of child safety. We collaborate with local government, state and national government bodies in our endeavour.

If our work inspires you and you feel that it goes a long way in improving children’s lives, then please consider making a contribution towards it. It WILL make a difference. It is only through the generous support of our donors that we have been able to reach more than 1 crore children in the last 10 years.

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Dashmesh Social & Educational Society's Vision is to Serve Humanity. Our Prime focus us to make our Nation as "Digital India" by helping people to become skillful & technically sound in different field. To work in the direction of latest technology which will help society to be awared of upcoming trends. Our Team is Working promote literacy and awareness in to Urban as well as Rural areas.